McDonald’s releases new Tommy Robinson McThuggets with free milkshake

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McDonald’s are making hay after one of their milkshakes was thrown over Tommy Robinson.

The new McThuggets are a new brand of nugget that look hard on the outside but are actually 100% chicken.

”You can only buy the McThuggets in a box of twenty – because they’re scared to sit on the shelf by themselves without plenty of backup,” said McDonald’s spokesperson, Simon Williams.

“They come with a free milkshake, of course, bearing in mind they were inspired by Tommy Robinson, who can’t seem to get enough milkshake these days.

“Some might say we’re pandering to racists, but if you look at how we make our food, that’s really not the worst thing we’ve done.”

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Tommy Robinson supporter, Terry Fuckhead, said “I love these McThuggets.

“None of that foreign muck. This is proper British food, like curry or pizza.

“They’re lovely and white on the inside too, so you know they can trust them and your wife won’t run off with them.”