Man makes pathetic joke funny by adding three crying with laughter emojis

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A man on the Internet has made a frankly pathetic attempt at a hilarious jibe by adding three ‘crying with laughter’ emojis, according to reports today.

Witnesses said that Simon Williams, 38, attempted a humorous sally which fell completely flat – but rescued the situation by adding a succession of emojis showing a face creased up with uncontrollable mirth.

“It was incredible,” we were told. “He posted this reply that made him look utterly hopeless – like a chimpanzee with a basic grasp of human speech granted access to a comments thread.

“But then, at the last moment, he added those emojis and – BANG – it was transformed from something we all felt a bit sorry for him about, into the funniest thing ever written. I literally couldn’t stop laughing at his sharp wit.

“It was like some kind of literary alchemy. Just those three images transformed his basic grasp of language into something Oscar Wilde would have envied on a good day.”

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Simon said he was delighted with the results of the addition, and plans to add the emojis in every single comment he ever posts from now on.

“Having so many laughing faces on my posts means I must be the funniest man in the world,” he confirmed.