Everyone agrees it’s probably time to add ‘Disgraced’ to official title of ‘Former Defence Secretary’

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Everyone has agreed that it’s probably time we started describing all former Tory defence secretaries as ‘disgraced former defence secretary’.

Just hours after Gavin Williamson was sacked for leaking information from inside the National Security Council, many have said that referring to him as the disgraced former defence secretary doesn’t really help to narrow it down.

The ‘disgraced’ moniker was originally applied to Liam Fox, who was forced to resign in disgrace from his position as defence secretary after breaking the ministerial code by letting his mates attend official defence meetings.

Then we had Michael Fallon who was forced to resign as defence secretary in disgrace after allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards woman including his colleagues in the houses of parliament.

Now we have Gavin Williamson who has been sacked in disgrace for allegedly leaking details of discussions in the National Security Council with regard to the Chinese telecom giant Huawei supplying the UK’s 5G network infrastructure.

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Voter Simon Williams told us, “It’s all so confusing. There was a time when someone would start a sentence with ‘disgraced former defence secretary’ and you just knew they were talking about Liam Fox.  That’s simply not the case any more.

“I’m not sure adding ‘disgraced’ even helps with identifying which former tory defence minister you are talking about, even though it is clearly 100% accurate to describe them as such.

“Maybe we need to start referring to them with a different set of descriptors? Maybe they could be the leaker, the groper, and the one with the ‘special friend’?

“Though I have to admit that I am now very interested in finding out what Penny Mordaunt will do to force her resignation in disgrace.”