Tottenham Hotspur medics criticised for telling Theon Greyjoy to ‘run it off’

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Tottenham Hotspur medics have been criticised after urging Theon Greyjoy to ‘play on’ following his ‘unfortunate collision’ with the Night King.

Spurs have been criticised for failing to follow ‘spear protocols’ after Greyjoy, the plucky battler, suffered a spear through the chest in Sunday’s ill-tempered clash with the White Walkers.

But the club insists they wanted to give Greyjoy every chance to continue in the battle before eventually conceding he could not continue.

Tottenham now claim Greyjoy will undergo scans this week but is unlikely to battle again this season.

Tottenham spokesman Simon Williams told reporters, “We know it looked like a nasty injury and viewers at home probably thought Theon should have been replaced immediately.

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“But our staff on the ground wanted to give him a chance to run it off.

“They decided to ‘give it 10 minutes’ to see if Theon felt any better, but in the end, they decided to take no chances and he was replaced in defence of the Three-Eyed Raven by Arya Stark.”

But critics claim Tottenham failed to recognise the signs of a potentially serious problem when they assessed Greyjoy on the field of battle.

Medical expert Simon Williams said: “I know the Iron-born generally have a high pain threshold, but it was always highly unlikely that Theon would be able to continue after a spear through the heart.

“We believe he should have been withdrawn from the action straight away and assessed in the medical room.

“It’s important to take no chances, especially with people who already have no bollocks.”