Queen’s normal morning newspaper mysteriously replaced by Japan Times during breakfast with Prince Charles

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The Queen has had her usual morning newspaper mysteriously replace by The Japan Times during breakfast with the Prince of Wales.

Her Majesty reportedly returned from a bathroom break during a trip to Clarence House to find her normal morning reading replaced by news of the abdication of Japan’s ageing emperor.

Prince Charles is said to have told his mother ‘the butler did it’.

The heir to the throne then told the Queen he had no idea how the switch had happened but she ‘might as well give it a read to see what was going on in Japan, just in case anything caught her eye’.

Crown Prince Naruhito ascended the Japanese Throne as the new emperor today, less than 24 hours after his father, Akihito, became the first Japanese emperor in more than 200 years to abdicate.

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Charles, meanwhile, has reached the age of 70 without taking the throne.

But a Clarence House insider told reporters, “His Royal Highness is in no rush to become king.

“Despite spending an entire lifetime preparing for the only serious job he will ever have, he is happy to carry on waiting.

“In the meantime, he is quite content to sit next to his Mum and say bugger all on State occasions, plant several trees each week and talk to tomatoes.”