‘Very fine people on both sides’ of Battle of Winterfell, insists Cersei Lannister

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Queen Regnant of the Seven Kingdoms Cersei Lannister appears to have defended the army of the dead, claiming that there were ‘Very fine people’ on both sides of Sunday’s conflict in Winterfell.

In footage provided by the Iron Throne Room, Lannister expresses some sympathy with the skeletal militants marching behind the White Walkers.

“I have repeatedly condemned the actions of the Night King, however, there were many people in that group who simply did not want to be left in the cold, and I think they’re being treated very unfairly by the living media.

“Sure, you had some unpleasant characters on that side,” She continued, “But what about the cohort of murderers and nonces in the Targaryen-Stark alliance who came charging at, as you say, ‘The Dead’? Are they now immune from criticism?”

Hand of The Queen Qyburn has declined to comment on Queen Cersei’s statement, but has insisted that The Iron Throne’s agenda remains the same, and The Queen Regnant’s comments make no difference to the Throne’s ongoing campaign to ‘Rebuild The Wall’.

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“The Queen’s views are her own,” He tells us. “but nothing has changed. We would like to respect the community of the north and that, of course, means erecting an enormous wall at the taxpayer’s expense. This is really common sense stuff.”