Tommy Robinson’s MEP campaign based around a neo-delegative anticipatory sociocracy

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Philosopher and occasional prison inmate, Tommy Robinson, has declared that he will run to become an MEP on a platform of using blockchain and AI to adapt Enderburg’s principles to a world where all stakeholders are connected in real time.

Tommy Robinson, in a departure from his usual policy of encouraging simplistic chants while falsely claiming Muslims were child molesters, told an assembled crowd that polycentric law-making had reached its limits and only a cyber-holarchy could empower citizens.

“It’s time to move beyond drinking cheap lager in the streets and provoking fights with kebab shop employees. We need to develop the core educational capital necessary for citizens to deal with the problems of the future such as full labour automation and the civic implications of social interconnectivity through 5G and beyond.

“It’s clear to me that we need to accept multi-faceted and fluctuating cultural identities that go beyond bad tattoos of football club crests and boasting about criminal records.

“Only collaborative polytely, hopefully boosted by adiabatic quantum computing, will lead to a society where we can truly harness the potential of humanity as a collective.

“In the words of the great philosopher Fakhr-al-Din Iraqi, ‘the world but seems to be yet is nothing more than a line drawn between light and shadow. Decipher the message of this dream-script and learn to distinguish time from Eternity.’ ”

However, there were some signs Mr Robinson’s new approach had not been fully adopted by his supporters.

Simon Williams, a long time supporter of the EDL founder, responded to the speech by hurling a beer can at a Sikh family before biting a policewoman as he was being arrested.