Adele break-up leaves fans both devastated and wildly excited for her next album

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Adele fans are both devastated by news of her breakup and ‘really excited’ at the prospect of the new album this will produce this morning.

Fans reported greeting the news that the singer and her husband had broken up with “Oh no!…woohoo?!” this morning, which has left them feeling a bit guilty but also quite optimistic.

“Yes, it’s awkward,” said fan Simone Williams. “The breakup of a long-term relationship is sad news and a personal tragedy for the people involved, but on the other hand, the next album of anthems about shattering heartbreak is going to be great.

“I’ve achieved a sort of fandom quantum state, where I simultaneously exist as both sympathetic and wildly excited at the same time.

“God that poor woman. I can’t wait. I might go and curl up and have a good cry right now in anticipation.

“If we’re really lucky Taylor Swift will break up with Joe Alwyn too so they can duet. That would be both awful and too much to hope for,”  she concluded.