Brexiters fear European elections could create a rift between idiots and racists

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Many prominent leave supporters are deeply concerned that the European elections could threaten the long-standing alliance between racists and easily-duped cretins, that has always been the foundation of British Euroscepticism.

The division of the most ardent Europhobes into 2 distinct parties has many worried that the potent combination that propelled the brexit vote, of closet white supremacists and dim nostalgics who aren’t keen on spicy food, is in peril. As explained Daily Mail columnists and best-selling author of ‘Everything Was Better Before’, Simon Williams.

“The people who just want to hurt ethnic minorities will be firmly support UKIP whereas Nigel Farage will sweep up the votes of fearful codgers who hope they can recreate their childhood in the few years before they shuffle off this mortal coil.

“The big fear is that these two parties will not be as potent as when they are combined. After all, UKIP is already suffering from the lack of dumb but well-meaning biddies to shove in front of the headcases who dream of ethnic cleansing. Like Tommy Robinson.

“As for the new Brexit Party, genteel retirees who are still resentful of having to learn the metric system may vote in large numbers, but they aren’t exactly energetic campaigners. Mainly because of their hips.

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“And that’s without mentioning the fact that many dimwits and bigots are finding they are actually well represented by some Tory politicians, like Mark Francois.”

However, Mr Williams said there was still hope that Brexit supporters could send a record number of MEPs to sponge off the system they claim to hate.

He concluded, “Well thankfully the Remain parties are refusing to unite and make common cause. And Labour is just pretending Brexit doesn’t exist.

“We can always rely on old Jeremy.”