Nigel Farage livid after learning that Stonehenge was built by Turkish immigrants

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Nigel Farage is throwing a wobbly this morning after learning that Stonehenge was constructed by immigrants.

Researchers in London compared DNA extracted from Neolithic human remains found in Britain with that of people alive at the same time in Europe, and found that inhabitants appeared to have travelled from Anatolia (modern Turkey) to Iberia before winding their way north to Britain.

Addressing all four followers of his new Brexit Party this morning, Farage ranted, “I’ve always said that Europeans have been coming over here, stealing British workers’ jobs, and this has clearly been going on for six thousand years.

“I bet there were some honest, hardworking British builders who had given a quote for Stonehenge, only be undercut by this European lot, who doubtless delivered the project three weeks ahead of schedule and at half the cost. The bastards.”

Brexit Party contender Annunziata Rees-Mogg added, “One manifesto pledge of the Brexit party will be to tear down this monument to European bureaucracy and replace it with a burger van in a lay-by.

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“That’s what you commoners like, right?”