Who the hell is DCI Hargreaves?, asks Britain

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Nobody has a clue who DCI Hargreaves is, it has emerged.

”Who the hell is DCI Hargreaves,” leapt to the top of British Google Searches at approximately 9:50pm last night, as the nation collectively turned to one another and said ‘What the heck?’ And ‘Who’s he?’

“Normally when a popular programme ends we see a spike in demand for electricity as people put the kettle on,” said National Grid spokesman Simon Williams.

“So we were caught short when ten minutes before the end of Line of Duty there were literally millions of people hammering Google and Twitter.

“We had to stop supplying electricity to Kettering to meet demand, but it’s still a bit of a novelty there so we don’t suppose they really noticed.”

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Some smart-arsed viewers pointed out that DCI Hargreaves was ‘that bloke from series 2’, but frankly, most of us can’t remember what happened last week so how the heck are we supposed to know that.

With any luck fans will not be expected to remember anything else tricky to solve the mystery in future episodes, like who whatshername is, or what happened to thingummybob in 2013.