Nigel Farage launches the ‘Get Nigel Farage on Telly’ party

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Britain’s leading angry red-faced shouty man Nigel Farage has today launched the ‘Get Nigel Farage on Telly’ party, in an attempt to get Nigel Farage on telly more.

He launched his party to a room full of the sort of frothing hate-filled mad old bastards who still think Nigel Farage has any relevance in modern society.

“Three years ago, Britain, as one, voted to see more of me on the telly and some other things,” shouted Mr Farage, angrily.

“If anything, I’ve been on telly even less since then, which is a fundamental betrayal of the democratic principles of this once great nation.

“The Great British public voted to get me on telly more. This government, sitting in their ivory Westminster tower, has ignored you. So today the fightback begins.

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“Also, always remember – will-of-the-people, elites, World War II and all that other stuff that seems to work on you.”

Mr Farage went on to explain that, whilst the ‘Get Nigel Farage on Telly’ party will be a largely single policy party dedicated to getting Nigel Farage on telly, it would also press for other issues important to him.

“My new party will also push for more angry shouting in modern life, bringing back pounds and ounces even though they haven’t really gone away, and more racism.”

It is expected that the ‘Get Nigel Farage on Telly’ party could prove quite successful because, for reasons best known to itself, Britain can’t get enough of angry red-faced shouty men going on telly and shouting angrily.

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