Israel fires spacecraft at the moon after alleging someone there threw stones at them

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Israel has been accused of ‘overreacting’ after it fired a projectile into the moon in a show of strength against what it calls ‘moon-dwelling stone throwers’.

The move comes as Israeli reports showed a small space rock was found in the desert a few miles west of Jerusalem.

An Israeli official told us, “A small stone fell from the sky in a clear provocation of our people. Some have called it a ‘meteorite’, but the only place up there it could have come from – the only logical explanation – is that we are under attack from the moon and such aggression will not go unmet.

“We have a right to protect ourselves, and a duty to protect our citizens, so if that means firing a rocket into the moon in return for the stone they threw at us, then so be it.

“Maybe this will make them think twice next time.”

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Critics have already spoken out against the Israeli moon attack, insisting it was far from a proportionate response.

A UN spokesperson condemned the move, telling us, “If someone on the moon threw a rock at Israel – and let me be clear we have yet to see any actual evidence of this – the firing a multimillion pound rocket at it in return is a bit much, no?

“But don’t suggest they have a reputation for overreacting, they’re likely to lash out if you do.”