BBC accidentally shows clip of sofa being disinfected following Mark Francois appearance

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The BBC was under fire today after accidentally showing the Breakfast sofa being hosed down and disinfected following an appearance from Mark Francois.

Francois appeared at 7.50 to shout nonsense at presenter Louise Minchin. Following the interview, the Weather was announced, but instead of cutting to Carol Kirkwood, the camera cut to several people in protective suits dousing the sofa in disinfectant before hosing it down.

The BBC has apologised, but also claimed that disinfecting furniture was standard practice after Mark Francois had been sitting on it.

“Obviously, the last thing we want to do is cause Mr Francois embarrassment,” said a spokesperson for the corporation.

“But, the fact is that Mr Francois can leave…detritus… if he has been in one place for too long.”

Although the spokesperson was unwilling to elaborate, it is understood that the detritus to which he referred includes flecks of spittle, gravy, some turds and foaming, hate-filled bile.

“We had Dame Judi Dench on afterwards, and so it was important that the sofa was fully decontaminated from Mr Francois’…leavings… because, well, she’s a Dame, and she can’t be expected to put up with all that.”

The revelation follows recent criticism for Channel Four news after footage emerged of Jon Snow and Krishnan Guru-Murthy burning and burying a chair on which Boris Johnson had sat during an earlier interview.