Steve ‘Brexit hard man’ Baker to feature in upcoming Danny Dyer documentary

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Danny Dyer is to be filmed spending time in the terrifying presence of self-styled ‘Brexit Hardman’ Steve Baker, his agent has today confirmed.

Speaking on behalf of his client, Simon Williams told reporters, “Danny has made documentaries about spending time getting to know shady members of the criminal underworld in the past, so popping down to the Houses of Parliament shouldn’t put him too much out of his comfort zone.

“When he heard Tory MP Steve Baker refer to himself as the ‘Brexit Hardman’ the other day, Danny was immediately intrigued, as he’d never even heard of him before.”

He went on, “The documentary will see Danny Dyer exploring the roots of this scary hardman’s difficult and gritty upbringing in the pleasant Cornish market town of St Austell, through to when he fell in with the wrong crowd whilst studying computing at one of the country’s most elite universities, before he worked his way up through the ranks of the notorious ERG gang.

“We can expect to see Danny enjoying a nice cup of tea with Steve in the House of Commons bar and joining him as he attends his local church on a Sunday morning, as well as meeting with residents of Wycombe to discuss their feelings about having such a formidable and threatening individual representing them in Parliament.”

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The documentary will air later this year unless Steve Baker is unhappy with how he is portrayed and threatens the producers with his enforcer, known only by their mysterious moniker ‘Nanny’.