Man who thought Conor McGregor really retired now looking to buy some magic beans

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A man who genuinely thought Conor McGregor had retired is ‘deeply interested’ in purchasing some magic beans, it has emerged.

Jack Williams, 37, fell into conversation with a stranger whilst taking his cow to market, and was offered the beans after telling the stranger how sad it was that he’d never see Mcgregor in the ring again.

“Just as Conor McGregor has no intention of ever putting on the gloves again and will not seek a rematch against Nurmagonedov, so these beans will grow into a mighty beanstalk with treasure at the top for the taking,” the stranger said, to Simon’s genuine interest.

“Mcgregor will go into a quiet retirement, and these beans will grant all your wishes.

“It’s a short time offer, so you’ve got to buy now or they won’t be available tomorrow,” the stranger added whilst looking around hastily, “Just hand over your cow.”

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“Although you won’t see your icon fight again, you will have the best beanstalk in the whole world!”

Pleased with his purchase, Simon was halfway home before he thought to check McGregor’s twitter feed.