DUP demand Theresa May perform Cersei Lannister-style ‘walk of shame’ in return for Brexit support

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Noted sane and reasonable political party the DUP have confirmed that Theresa May resigning will not be enough to convince them to support her deal.

Instead, they have demanded that the Prime Minister perform a Cersei Lannister style Walk of Shame.

This would see Mrs May walk naked through the streets of London whilst Arlene Foster walk ahead of her ringing a bell and shouting ‘shame, shame’.

As Theresa May currently has no dignity left whatsoever, she has simply elected to comply with the demand.

“The Prime Minster’s Walk of Shame will take place next Tuesday at 10am,” explained Mrs Foster, foaming a little at the mouth.

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“She will spend an hour walking through Westminster in shame and penance for defying the DUP.

“I hope that after having done so, she will understand who really runs things now and that we will not be bought off with something as simple as a resignation and a billion pounds.”

As is tradition, the public will be able to line the route of the Walk of Shame and throw vegetables at the shamed.

The public is advised to get there very early as it is expected that every man, woman and child in Britain will be looking to take part, so there will be crowds.