Avengers: Endgame receives Adult certification due to controversial Ant-Man/Thanos ‘butt’ sequence

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Avengers: Endgame will be rated ‘R’ in the United States and ’18’ in the United Kingdom due to an ‘eye-watering’ sequence in which Ant-Man defeats villain Thanos in an unconventional manner.

Marvel Films have up until now been aimed at the younger end of the filmgoing demographic, and so the creative decision which has led to the more restrictive rating is raised eyebrows in the movie industry.

However, Marvel are sure that both the film and Thanos have an ‘impressive end’ which end up far bigger than anyone could have expected.

“It’s really quite remarkable what they can do with special effects these days,” said visibly shaken film ratings employee Simon Williams after sitting through most of the film and then standing up.

“But the ‘Arrow-Cam’ sequence in which Hawkeye fires Ant-Man right up Thanos’…well, no spoilers from me obviously, but I won’t be able to use a chair comfortably for a week.

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“I suppose it’s very imaginative and visually impressive but it’s also highly inappropriate for children, that’s all I’m saying. Bits of purple end up everywhere. I think Star Lord gets some in his mouth.”

However, younger cinema-goers are unimpressed by the decision.

“It’s not fair,” said 7-year-old Tammy Jackson. “I want to see Antman go up the blue baddy’s bottom and explode and I shouldn’t have to wait for eleven years.”