Team INEOS to demonstrate green credentials by recycling jiffy bags

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Bosses of Britain’s top cycling team have reassured environmental campaigners they plan to prove their green credentials by recycling jiffy bags.

Managers of Team Sky, which will become Team INEOS in May, have hit back at criticism that their rebrand sends out a negative environmental message.

And they say they will prove they care about the future of the planet by introducing a jiffy-bag recycling scheme as soon as possible.

A team spokesman said: “Recycling our innocuous, non-suspicious, totally normal and utterly innocent jiffy bags will be a clear sign of our commitment to protect the planet.

“Sure, we have agreed to be sponsored by one of Europe’s biggest plastic producers and a company that favours large-scale fracking, but we are clear in our commitment to being green.

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“Geraint Thomas now washes his clothes by hand to cut down on the use of detergent, Chris Froome hasn’t had his heating on for six months and Sir Dave Brailsford only flushes his toilet once a month and on special occasions.

“So really, we’re basically cycling’s answer to Friends of the Earth.”