Anti-Brexit petition signed by three-million means nothing, insists man who proudly organised pro-Brexit march for three-dozen

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As three million people signed a petition asking the government to rescind Article 50, Nigel Farage has said the views of those people can be easily dismissed because he currently has about forty people walking to London with the opposite opinion.

Nigel Farage rushed to television cameras as soon as it became clear that the viral petition meant the media would be talking about something other than him and his position on Brexit.

He told reporters, “An online petition means nothing, even if three-million people have signed it in a day and a half. That’s nothing. I spent a month loudly and proudly publicising a march from Sunderland to London to save Brexit, and right now at least three-dozen of those people are on their way to the capital to make their voices heard.

“Well, maybe they are. They’re not walking all of it, obviously, that would be mental. And we’re not publicising our daily start and end points any more because people were turning up to laugh at us – but you have to remember this is a symbolic march.

“These forty or so brave Brexiters symbolise the seventeen million people who voted for Brexit, whereas the millions of people who signed that petition represent no-one but the unelected liberal elite who are trying to undermine our democracy by forcing us to listen to the people.

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“Anyway, everyone knows that one marcher is worth about a hundred thousand petitioners. So checkmate Remainers.

“Yes, that’s seriously my line and I’m sticking to it.”