The actress who plays me has wonderful tax lawyers, reveals Lorraine kelly

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Television’s Lorraine Kelly has revealed that the actor who plays her on television – coincidentally also called Lorraine Kelly – is lucky to have such talented tax lawyers in her employ.

Television’s Loraine Kelly has avoided a sizeable tax bill from HMRC after judges agreed that the actress who plays her should not be considered an employee for the purposes of income tax and national insurance, and should be able to treat her agent’s fees as tax deductible.

Actor Lorraine Kelly spoke of her relief at the judgement, saying it was a great victory for character actors like herself to know they will not be treated as employees when working on television.

She told reporters, “I know this judgement will have been a huge relief to actors like Meryl Street and Robert De Niro, because actors like us are not employees of the people we work for. We are hired to bring life to a character that someone has merely put on a page.

“As a trained actor it is my job to play the role of Lorraine Kelly the best of my ability – to create a believable persona for television viewers, and I think I do a very good job of that.  The fact that we share a name is nothing more than a huge coincidence.

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“Of course, next time you see me gushing and fawning over something awful on television, you can now rest assured that beneath the surface I probably think it’s shit.

“That’s how good an actor I am.”