Nigel Farage’s Brexit Betrayal March hires 200 Polish walkers after finding Brits are not willing to do the job

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Nigel Farage’s Brexit Betrayal March has been given a new lease of life after hiring two-hundred Polish walkers to boost their flagging attempts to march on London.

Just four days into the march, numbers have dwindled to such an extent that the entire march was able to take cover from the rain under a single bus shelter.

A spokesperson for the march told us, “Yes, numbers are pretty thin, but that was always the plan. By making the march embarrassingly small, it keeps you liberal elites talking about it – checkmate libtard!”

But the march will now move on with renewed vigour after organisers were able to find Europeans willing to do the work that British nationals seemingly couldn’t be bothered with.

Recruitment consultant Simon Williams told us, “Despite many weeks of publicity, Nigel has only gathered enough marchers to just about create a football team – as long as they don’t need subs.

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“So it’s no surprise they’ve gone down the route of many British businesses who struggle when Brits don’t want to do the work – they’ve hired enthusiastic Poles to take over.

“Whether it’s fruit picking, digging holes, or working in kitchens – lots of Europeans are willing to pick up the slack when Brits think the work is beneath them. And clearly, most Brits think marching for Nigel Farage is very much beneath them.

“On the plus side, they’re excellent marchers, have a strong work ethic, and have been extremely happy to talk to people along the way. Not like the miserable handful of Brits still going along with them.”