Churchill would certainly have spent a weekend rage-tweeting about petty feuds, insists Fox News

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Right-wing news channel Fox News leapt to the defence of Donald Trump after he came under criticism for ignoring the massacre of Muslims in New Zealand and instead issued dozens of tweets attacking his imagined enemies including deceased war hero John McCain.

Several pundits on the channel maintained that ignoring a global story just to send childish insults in reaction to perceived slights, was not the mark of a feeble-minded manchild, but what all great leaders would have done had they had the technology.

Chuck Williams, host of popular chat show The Free Speech Zone explained, “The technology was not there but I am positive Alexander the Great would have been calling Darius a low IQ loser. And you can be sure Napoleon would have highlighted the biggest French Empire ever.

“Churchill too was an insult legend. He would not have let PC virtue-signalers get in his way just because his target had medals. And I don’t recall the mainstream media crying about Hitler’s war wounds or his Iron Cross. But this great president says something about John McCain and everybody gets Trump Derangement Syndrome and cries about McCain being tortured for five years as a prisoner of war or how he’s dead and can’t answer back.”

Mr Williams also claimed the president did not ignore the growing consensus in the West that white supremacist terrorism was a serious threat.

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“He offered thoughts and prayers so he’s done all he could. And since he decreed white supremacy is not a problem, why would he then go on to condemn it? That would make no sense.”