Brexiters furious at John Bercow for invoking wrong kind of parliamentary sovereignty

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Brexit supporters across the nation have been left outraged after the sovereignty of parliament once again led the nation in a direction they don’t like.

The speaker announced yesterday that the government can not bring another motion on Theresa May’s Brexit deal unless it is substantively different to the one already rejected twice, invoking a parliamentary precedent that has been in place for four hundred years, when Jacob Rees-Mogg was still in short trousers.

However, many Brexiters see this outrageous example of parliamentary sovereignty as nothing more than a plot to stop Brexit, because that’s how they all see the world now.

Brexiter Simon Williams told us, “I don’t get why people don’t understand this – sovereignty means doing all of the things that I like, and none of the things I don’t like. Why can’t you just make it like that? That’s what I voted for, and so did 17 million other people!”

Political commentators have called the current impasse ‘extraordinary’, not least for creating the prospect of a spectacular face-off between the prime minister and the speaker of the house.

Westminster correspondent David Wilson told us, “I think it’s fair to say that we’re all enjoying this. Probably not as much as John Bercow, but it’s close.

“On the plus side, at least no-one can blame this current issue on the EU – I mean, the speaker has invoked a precedent from the 1600’s, long before the EU was even an itch in his daddy’s pants. You’d have to be an idiot suffering the mother of all Brexit delusions to believe the EU was to blame for this.

“Oh… hang on, I’m being told Daniel Hannan has taken to Twitter to blame it on the EU.”