Nigel Farage’s Brexit march proves nation cares more about Brackley Town vs Curzon Ashton than Brexit

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The people of Britain have spoken and made it clear that the result of Brackley Town vs Curzon Ashton is twice as important to them than any potential threat to Brexit.

Despite Nigel Farage’s march managing to secure the support and attendance of 0.0003% of the population, more than twice as many people attended Brackley’s home match against Curzon Ashton in the National League North division, with 450 turning out to show important it was.

Brackley secured a 2-0 victory in front of 250 more people than attended the start of Nigel Farage’s march, in the starkest illustration so far that Brexit no longer matters to anyone.

Farage himself spoke of the numbers, telling reporters, “What you have to remember is there would have been a million people here – like there was for the people’s vote march in London – if only the roads hadn’t been so busy due to immigration.

“Hard-working Brits who wanted to come out and support us today were unable to do so because of the Bulgarian plumber round the corner who keeps stealing their petrol money.

“Whereas the million people who turned up to support a people’s vote in London all had their petrol money paid for by George Soros, so it was easy for them.”

Reporters sent to cover the Brexit march said they were a little disappointed, given Nigel Farage had been pushing the event very heavily on social media.

As one TV reporter told us, “He said it would be the biggest protest in history, but there was a bigger queue outside my local Tesco when they made Heineken half-price just before Christmas.

“I’m not going to suggest that nobody cares about Brexit anymore, because that’s probably too big a leap, but people clearly don’t care what Nigel Farage says about Brexit any more.

“And no, of course he’s not doing the march himself. Have you learned nothing from this man in the last few years?”