Satirists ask for extension to Article 50

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Writers of political satire have pointed out that their livelihood depends on Brexit continuing indefinitely.

Comedians, Internet hacks and clever people on Radio 4 have issued a stark warning to the government today, stating that a smooth and affable end to Brexit could be disastrous for their future prosperity.

Satirist Simon Williams, who writes under the pseudonym Simon Williams, blogged, “The world has been a political omnishambles since 2016 what with Trump, the Tories and North Korea. It’s been one long payday for people that thrive on turmoil and contention.

“Now there is a very slim but very real possibility of Brexit happening when it’s supposed to. Talk about killing the golden goose.

“I’m dealing with a mortgage, a faulty carburettor and an editor so vague that his emails might as well be written in hieroglyphics.

“Thousands of bored commuters need the satire industry, not to mention the wargames outlets that rely on my income.
We need reassurances from the government that this highly divisive political limbo will continue for as long as possible.

“Otherwise we’ll have to go back to, I don’t know, the Lib Dems being run by Cthulhu or something.”