Moment of Brexit tenderness as adorable British MPs think Article 50 extension is up to them

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In an endearing scene that melted hearts all over Europe, amusingly bossy British politicians stomped their feet and insisted that they would tell the EU to give an extension to Article 50 despite having less say on the matter than a part-time assistant to a Flemish regional minister.

MP Mark Francois, 53 and ½, was one of many in Westminster who spoke out about the deal while wearing a lovely blazer that made him look like a future heart breaker as long as he stops scoffing chocolate.

Although he voted against it, Mark was adamant Brussels would do as it was told.

“I got my own army uniform and every time we play war I’m the one who’s the chief. I’ll tell those boys in Brocksalls that they better give an extension or else. And Jacob said I could do it because Jacob is my friend and he also said I can come to his house and ride one of his ponies if I want. Do you collect pogs? I’ve got hundreds!”

Although the EU did not take an official stance, the Commissioner for Trade, Sigmiund Wilhelms said that the vote left many in EU capitals sighing and cooing.

He went on, “It’s so sweet they think it’s up to them. The truth is the Slovenian intern who works in Barnier’s office will have more impact on the decision to grant or refuse an extension. But weren’t they all so cute?

“Now run along, I’ve got to decide where the new Airbus factory is going.”