Labour leader maintains long-held, principled position of not supporting Labour Party policy

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Just because he’s the leader of the Labour Party doesn’t mean he’s going to start supporting its policies, Jeremy Corbyn has confirmed.

Many members seem surprised that Corbyn, who was swept to the leadership position on the back of his years of not backing party policy, did not back party policy last night.

“It’s inexplicable,” said ardent second-referendum and Labour Party member Simon Williams.

”We had a big debate, there was a vote and the party agreed on its policy and then – boom! – Jeremy doesn’t back the policy when the opportunity arose.

”If only there had been some indication in his personal history he might do something like that.”

However, some cynical observers suggested that anyone thinking he might do otherwise was being naive.

“If our party policy, voted on at the conference and agreed by all, was to prevent our members being smacked in the face with a hammer, you can be sure Jeremy’s principles would make him abstain on it,” we were told.

“And what’s more, his supporters would be finding justifications for why ‘now is not the time’ even as they were picking their teeth up.”