Climate change protesters prepare to bicycle home

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After a busy day protesting in Parliament Square, climate change protesters were tonight preparing to hop on their bikes and pedal home across the country to enjoy the weekend ahead.

“Yeah, I did think of getting the train or a lift with some mates,” said a cheerful Simon Williams, 18. “But it’s not sustainable is it? Even if you go by rail, you’re still consuming irreplaceable fossil fuel, and you might still want your parents to pick you up at the other end. Which would be wrong.”

Williams and every single other protester indicated that they would rather cycle into strong headwinds and sporadic rain to get home, rather than pillage Gaia.

He added that it was “a fair way” back to his parents’ house in Guildford, pedalling into strong south-westerly winds. “But the exercise will do me good,” he chuckled.

“Basically we’re setting an example.”

Taking a swig from his thermos flask rather than go in the Costa branch opposite Victoria Station, Williams pointed out proudly that all the other protesters were also staying outside and eating packed lunches rather than piling in to the multinational coffee giant with their placards to get out of the weather.

“If we did that,” he said, “nobody would take us seriously,”

Willliams added that the next protest was scheduled to take place on a Saturday or a Sunday, “Just so no-one can accuse us of doing it just to skive off school.”