Brexiter fantasist enjoying final 24 hours of pretending no-deal Brexit is happening

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Brexit supporter and enthusiastic fantast Simon Williams is enjoying his final day of pretending that the UK is leaving the EU with no deal on the 29th March.

Williams, who has spent almost three years telling people who disagree with that “you lost, get over it!” has developed a comprehensive fantasy land in his head in which the UK is still leaving the EU with no deal, and that dream will remain alive and well until later this evening.

“It doesn’t matter if May’s deal was rejected again last night, we’re leaving on the 29th March with no deal because that’s what the law says,” Williams posted in the thread below this post while convincing absolutely nobody of that fact.

“Brexit means Brexit, and the only option left is to leave with no-deal, which is what will happen now, and I for one couldn’t be happier,” he added, seemingly unaware that everyone reading his comments was left thinking to themselves “ah, bless him”.

Internet user Dave Dawson has seen Williams’ delusion continue for many months, and almost feels sorry for him now that it is about to come to an end.

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He told us, “He’s always there with a big gif or emoji and a wise word telling everyone to suck it up because we’re leaving on 29th with no deal.

“It’s quite endearing really. I mean, yes, for a brief period it looked like leaving with no deal was a remote possibility, but most of us have moved on and realised there is no political desire for such an outcome on either side.

“Still, let him enjoy today; he can join the rest of us in reality tomorrow.”

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