Woman willing to give benefit of doubt to every #MeToo victim unless the accused can do the moonwalk

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35-year-old Simone Williams has insisted that although she has nothing but full-throated support for the victims in the #MeToo movement, she simply can’t believe a man who could moonwalk into bed with a seven-year-old child could be guilty of anything.

After watching the two-part Leaving Neverland documentary on Channel 4, Simone dismissed the programme as ‘fake news’, insisting there is no way Jackson would have inappropriately touched the many children he slept with.

She went on, “I can totally believe a man who says he was abused by his youth soccer coach, because it’s a story that makes sense – some sort of sick bastard trying to find a way to work with kids.

“But this is Michael Jackson simply sharing a bed with pre-pubescent boys on an isolated ranch built like a theme park. How is that in any way the same?

“A grown man having an eight-year-old boy as his best friend is perfectly normal behaviour for a global superstar like Michael. These guys making the accusations are probably just bitter because they got old and he wasn’t interested in them any more, like what happens in all healthy friendships.”

Williams went on to defend her #MeToo credentials, telling us, “The #MeToo movement is about exposing people who look like proper wrong’uns – like that evil-looking twat Harvey Weinstein. It’s not about someone I’ve loved for years and could sing and dance really well.

“How could anyone suspect a man who wrote classics such as Pretty Young Thing, Bad and Man in the Mirror. It doesn’t make any sense.

“I know nothing about Weinstein, other than he produced movies and so had access to lots of vulnerable young actresses – what more do you need to know about him to see he’s guilty?

“But the suggestion that Michael Jackson had sexual contact with the children he repeatedly and admittedly got into bed with? That’s just a fantasy.”