Will Self and Mark Francois share passionate kiss on Politics Live

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Author Will Self and politician Mark Francois shocked viewers of BBC’s Politics Live by kissing live on air.

The moment of passion came after a heated debate on Brexit.

After an exchange about the type of the people who had voted to leave the EU, the two stared intensely at each other for several seconds before falling into each other’s arms and kissing passionately.

The moments leading up to the kiss can be seen here.

“It was an incredible moment,” said presenter Jo Coburn.

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“I was trying to move the debate on as things had got quite heated between Will and Mark, and when I looked around they were just snogging passionately as if no one else was in the room.”

Despite the unexpected turn of events, the presenter wasn’t personally surprised by the turn of events.

She went on, “No, the sexual tension between the pair of them was palpable from the moment they sat together. They wanted each other as much as any two men have ever wanted each other, so when that spilled over into a physical expression of their passion, I wasn’t too surprised.”

The kissing continued for several minutes, but when Self began to remove Francois’s trousers the pair were quietly asked to leave the studio.

The kiss between the two men is being seen as the most unlikely moment of passion on television since 1996 when then Home Secretary Michael Howard got wanked off by the Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment Frank Dobson on Question Time.