Education Secretary tells protesting headteachers it’s their own time they’re wasting

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The Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, has told headteachers that it’s their own time they’re wasting by protesting against education cuts after more than 7,000 headteachers wrote a joint letter to 3.5million families, warning of worsening budget shortages.

Department for Education minister, Simon Williams, said, “This wouldn’t be an issue if these headteachers spent their time doing their actual jobs, such as running the school, teaching a full timetable, dealing with parental issues, safeguarding, lunchtime supervising, librarianism, caretaking, cleaning the classrooms, cleaning the toilets and ensuring the school gates are open or shut or not broken, oh and being the lollipop person, obviously.

“They could even make the tea for everyone, as they keep saying there’s not that many staff left now, so that’s a win right there for them.

“I mean, really, there is only one class to teach in most of these schools, since we raised maximum class sizes to 3,500, so they don’t really need as many teachers.

“And with the success of food banks, we’ll be cutting free school meals, so there’s no need to deal with the admin of that anymore. I can’t imagine chasing parents and the government up for the cash will be that much of a problem; two institutions famous for paying on time.

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“No, these headteachers shouldn’t waste time writing letters and protesting about government cutbacks. They should just sit back and take it like all the rest of the knobhead citizens of the country who constantly vote us in and complain about everything shafting them.”