Amber Rudd issues apology ‘to all negroes’

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Amber Rudd has issued an apology ‘to all negroes’ for using the word ‘coloured’ in reference to Diane Abbott.

“I offer a full and frank apology to all negroes,” said the Secretary for Work and Pensions.

“My language was clumsy and foolish and not appropriate and I can only imagine how negros felt on hearing me use that word.”

She went on to describe how she had the greatest respect for people of colour.

“Of course, some of my best friends are negros. Well, I say ‘friends,’ perhaps ‘cleaners’ is more accurate, but the fact remains that they are incredibly hard-working people and I respect that.

“But look – I drink Lilt, I listen The Lighthouse Family, I once had some fried chicken which was tremendously tasty, so to accuse me of being racist is absolutely wide of the mark.

“In fact, I watched Green Book the other day, so I think that, if anything, I’ve got a much greater understanding of the negro experience than many people out there.

“To conclude then, I would like to confirm that I believe negros are both ‘def’ and ‘fresh’ and I say a big ‘yo’ to all of them.”

It is understood that Angela Smith of The Independent Group’s offer to give Ms Rudd an overview of acceptable racial language has been turned down.