Sadiq Khan under fire for eating a Kit Kat while crime goes on in Europe’s biggest city

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The Mayor of London has come under intense criticism from the tabloid press for enjoying some things in life like holidays, cheap confectionery or smiling while the city under his authority is still imperfect.

Simon Williams, the features editor for the Daily Express, was one of many who penned a column lambasting Sadiq Khan for not personally stopping every knife crime in London.

“As Mayor of London, I expect him to be responsible for crime prevention despite him having no policing background and no power to do so. And I don’t want to hear any nonsense about the Met being run by Cressida Dick or funded by the Home Office.

“Although he can not influence recruitment, training, tactics, the legal basis for arrests or budgets, we will hold him responsible for every murder, theft or graffiti in London. Just as we did for Boris on the three days a week he showed up for work.”

Mr Williams denied the right-wing press were treating Mr Khan differently because of his ethnic background.

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“In no way are we focusing on Sadiq Khan because he is a Muslim and that’s what the rage junkies who read our paper have decided to hate. We criticise him in exactly the same way we would any politician who won’t eat bacon.

“Anyway, Boris was different. Always there with a pun and glass of whiskey for his friends in the press. There can’t have been any crime while he was mayor because we hardly mentioned it at all.

“And no I’m not racist! Some of my favourite prostitutes are Asian.”