Video editors running out of songs to use for Brexit montages

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Television editors are desperately short of songs to symbolise Brexit.

BBC editor and news VT maker Simon Williams has warned his bosses that he is expecting to run out of songs that relate to Brexit before Brexit happens.

“The most commonly used song is, of course, The Final Countdown by Europe. It’s perfect on several levels – just listen to the first verse. Apart from that line about there being no one to blame. We have to cut before we get to that.

“Speaking of which, we tend to use Eton Rifles by The Clash whenever we show Cameron, Boris, Gove et al.

Poker Face was popular for a bit, until we realised how the negotiations were actually turning out, at which point it was replaced by Flirting With Disaster instead.

“My favourite VTs are the ones featuring furious market traders from Stoke on Trent going on about the decline of local industry. In those ones I use Jethro Tull’s Living in the Past.”