Tesla announce urgent recall of Elon Musk

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Tesla Motors has announced an urgent recall of its popular ‘Elon Musk’ model, saying it is brilliantly engineered but fundamentally flawed and needs work.

The Elon, as it is known, is described by fans as ‘electric’ – but is seen by many as an expensive affectation which does nothing cheaper models can’t manage whilst being unreliable and prone to breakdowns at embarrassing moments.

“We know that our customers love our Elon model, but it needs work to reach the levels of reliability they want and deserve,” said Tesla spokesman Simon Williams in a statement.

“We’ve identified a number of problems, such as it being impossible to deactivate the Twitter function at high speeds, a refusal to let anyone else take the wheel even when going completely off-road, and a significant risk of all the wheels coming off at 3am when he’s got a full tank.

“Ideally we’ll find a way to turn the speech function off entirely.”

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Executives at SpaceX have supported the recall, pointing out there’s a real danger of the Elon blowing up on his pad without warning and suggesting additional safeguards such as someone changing the password.