Jeremy Corbyn supporters react with humour and good grace to mockery of his Brexit position

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In an unexpected turn of events, supporters of Jeremy Corbyn have enjoyed, and even participated in, the gentle mockery that spread around the internet following his party’s decision to publicly support a Final Say vote.

Momentum activist Simon ‘Fidel’ Williams was one of many to share warm words of appreciation with the people who decided to make light of the situation.

He explained, “Politics is said to be a rough game, but if Jeremy taught us anything, it’s that you have to be able not to take yourself too seriously.

“There is nothing wrong with some friendly ribbing of politicians when they are forced by circumstances to publicly change their viewpoint. After all, deflating the egos of the powerful is a vital part of civic discourse.

“I actually saw a really funny gif on twitter of Jeremy as a spinning windvane and I immediately shared it.”

Mr Williams did want to point out that the reputation of Corbyn supporters, as humourless fanatics who become hyper-aggressive at the merest hint of mockery of their leader, was entirely unfounded.

He went on, “There is an image out there of us so-called Corbynistas as priggish moonies who over-react to the slightest barb.

“But nothing could be further from the truth. We do not spam comments sections of satire pieces with ridiculous analogies suggesting that laughing at Jeremy is the same as supporting the rise in homelessness.

“Jeremy would be the first to condemn those kinds of childish reactions and understand they do much more harm than good.

“After all, he is famous for his sense of humour. Do you remember that tweet where he said he voted remain? Still makes me laugh even years later.”