Donald Trump forced to cut short Vietnam trip due to relapse of bone spur condition

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US President Donald Trump has been forced to cut short his trip to Vietnam after a dangerous relapse of his bone-spur problem left him unable to continue being there.

Despite being symptom-free since the late 1960’s, the president’s bone spurs began playing up the moment Michael Cohen began testifying to Congress about everything from Trump’s tactics during the election, to his ongoing desire for a building in Russia.

White House spokesperson Chuck Williams said, “Unfortunately we have to return to the United States immediately, so that the President can receive emergency medical treatment for his life-threatening bone spurs.

“The suggestion that this is a convenient medical condition that he uses whenever things start looking pretty bad for him is simply fake news.

“The Cohen evidence being given to Congress is a coincidence. We just needed to get home.

The symptoms first appeared last night when people kept reminding the President that he was in Vietnam. It gave him the sweats at first, then he complained of foot pain – and by this morning it became life-threatening.

“We believe he’ll be fine after a couple of Big Macs and an hour or two on Twitter.”