Man who kept wearing shorts ‘insufferably smug’ after Britain experiences warmest winter day ever

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A man who has worn shorts all winter is insufferably smug today, we can report.

Simon Williams, who for some reason kept right on wearing shorts when normal people put them back in the drawer in September, observed that he was ‘right all along’ after today was reported the warmest winter day ever recorded in Britain.

As temperatures topped 20 degrees, Simon confirmed to everyone who would listen that spending the last three months with his legs bastard well freezing had been ‘totally worth it’.

“Yeah, people have looked at me weird just because I wore cargo shorts all the way through wind, rain, freezing fog and occasional snow flurries,” he confirmed.

“But I knew. I KNEW. One day I’d be proved right and that day is today.

“It must suck to be you, covered-leg losers.”

When asked, Simon said he didn’t plan on changing even if the weather turns nasty again, but if it snows again he might give his new sandals a go.