‘Cruel’ scientists criticised for body-shaming ‘giant’ bee

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A bee as spoken out against scientists who cruelly described it as ‘giant’ despite being only 4cm long.

The bee – which is as long as an adult’s thumb and can in no way be described as ‘giant’ – was found on a little-explored Indonesian island and immediately judged by everyone who saw it.

After images were shared of it across social media, with thousands of posts commenting on its size, the bee has lashed out of the scientists that bothered it in the first place.

The bee told reporters, “Yes, I am a little larger than your average bee, but I also have feelings you know.

“It’s not my choice to be like this, I haven’t made bad life decisions or sat at home eating endless buckets of KFC.

“It’s purely genetics, I’m just big-exoskeletoned. My parents were the same.”

Bee support groups have also spoken out against the cruel scientists, who didn’t even ask for permission to take the photographs.

The bee went on, “I was just minding my own business walking across an old tree looking for something to eat, when the next thing I know I’m in a plastic tube being photographed from the least flattering angles you can possibly imagine.

“Let’s see you lie naked on a glass table and have your photo taken from underneath – and then have that image go viral across the Internet. Would you be happy?

“No-one looks good in those circumstances. Not least a notoriously shy bee who didn’t ask for any of this.

“If I develop an eating disorder now it’ll be entirely your fault.”