“Don’t you f*cking dare” Hillary Clinton told

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Hillary Clinton has been told not to announce a new Presidential run in 2020 by absolutely everybody.

Following the announcement that Bernie Sanders is going to have another stab at the Presidency, several prominent Democrats immediately knocked on Hillary’s door to scream “NO” into her face.

“NO”, confirmed prominent Democrat, Chuck Williams.

“She’s very good, very capable, very qualified, but just no. She lost to DONALD TRUMP, for God’s sake. Anybody else with a modicum more likability would have won that election easily. But no, the ship has sailed. Write another book, if you like. That’s fine, but enough of the President stuff. Stop it. Don’t go near that podium in your garden.”

A spokesperson for the Clintons said, “Hillary is obviously disappointed to have been tied to a chair with a sock stuffed in her mouth to prevent her from announcing her candidacy.

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“Bill pretended to be just as upset, but was in the car and off to shag someone else’s wife within about ten minutes. But that’s just lovable old Bill.”