Brexit has nothing to do with Brexit, insist Brexiters

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Several prominent Leave supporters have taken to the media to refute the idea that the process of leaving the European Union was caused by Brexit, instead blaming global trends, EU intransigence and media bias.

Simon Williams, rotund MP for Wiltshire East and member of the ERG, told the press that blaming the UK’s departure from the EU on the 2016 referendum was ‘yet more Project Fear’.

“Time and time again we see the London elites tell us that Brexit is the result of people voting Leave. The people want us to get on with it and stop confusing the issue with some sort of complicated process involving Brussels bureaucrats.

“Our exit from Europe is due to a worldwide trend towards leaving things and long-established plans to downsize our role in international affairs.

“But for the biased media, every incident is due to Brexit. Job losses, Japan playing hardball in trade negotiations, racism and even our departure from the EU. It’s pathetic and undemocratic.

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“The people wanted sovereignty, a re-run of their childhood and an end to anything they don’t like. Not two years of jibber jabber about backstops, cliff edges and customs unions. They wanted simplicity and I’m a simple as they come.”

Mr Williams recently gained prominence when he publicly derided the CEO of Airbus who tried to explain the risk of job losses in the UK because of how the company’s manufacturing process was built around the Single Market.

Mr Williams exclaimed that he knew much more about airplanes than any German CEO because he routinely pointed at them when they flew over his hunting lodge.

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