The Independent Group promises to be a broad church welcoming of all tinges

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The Independent Group made up of the seven MPs who left the Labour party this morning has insisted it is welcoming of all tinges.

The organisation – formed in part due to their distaste at the treatment of a minority in the Labour party – took just two hours to become embroiled themselves in a race row, though Angela Smith was quick to point out she didn’t mean what everyone thought she meant.

She clarified,”I would like to publicly apologise to anyone who took offence at my ‘funny tinge’ comment.

“I certainly didn’t mean funny tinge as is in ‘funny haha’, I also didn’t mean funny tinge as in ‘funny peculiar’. I actually meant funny tinge as in ‘in no way funny whatsoever’.

“Some of my best friends are a funny tinge, and even Chuka here by my side is a funny tinge. Not like yellow, or really dark, more a nice chocolatey funny tinge.

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“I think what I’m trying to say is that we welcome all tinges in the Independent Group, from the really pale ones to the really dark ones. There is no tinge we would turn away.

“In many ways, we are a tinge-blind organisation.  So how about we just forget this all happened and we try again tomorrow?