Democrats thank Trump for opening the door to making climate change, gun control and healthcare all national emergencies

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The Democratic party has thanked Donald Trump for creating a national emergency so he can fulfil his election pledge to build a wall, as it opens the door for them to declare national emergencies for their own political priorities in future.

The move has been criticised by many in Congress, however leading Democrats have sat back and given him the thumbs up.

Longtime Democratic strategist Chuck Williams told us, “I don’t think a wall is needed, he can’t get the funding to build it, and Mexico isn’t going to pay for it – obviously – so declaring a national emergency was his last throw of the dice.

“We in the Democratic party wouldn’t have dreamed of doing something like that with our own political priorities, but thanks to President Trump, the precedent has now been set. ‘If you can’t get your way, declare a national emergency’.

“Under your next Democratic president – and you know it’s coming – you can expect to see climate change declared a national emergency, the need for gun control declared a national emergency, and most of all, complete reform of health provision in the United States being declared a national emergency.

“When we get to spend billions and billions of federal dollars addressing these significant problems, we will look back at today as a truly great day in America’s history.

“To outsiders, it might look like the desperate last move of a petulant child who can’t get his own way, but in reality, he’s simply opened the door to an unlimited pot of cash being spent on the liberal agenda for decades to come.”

“Thank you Donald!”

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