Thursday 14 February 2019 by Alex Marsh

Man actually DOES need special day to show he cares, wife concludes

Man with valentine card

Despite repeatedly going on about Valentines being an unnecessary commercial rip-off, a man has been persuaded to part with three pounds on a card in Tesco.

It transpires that the man’s view of his own regular sweet, considerate and romantic gestures differs to that of his partner.

“To be honest I expected a bit more than putting the bin out every other Monday, and that one time back in July when he wiped off the hob after cooking pasta,” said the wife.

“But he genuinely thinks that he is one of the great lovers, and doesn’t need some sort of once-a-year kick up the arse.”

NewsThump contacted the man for comment, but he was in the pub and “totally, definitely, wouldn’t be too late.”

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