Gucci’s £600 fake second-hand trainers targeted solely at complete f*cking morons

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Gucci has launched a range of £615 trainers with scuffs and stains to give the impression they are second-hand and has been accused of blatantly trying to exploit fucking morons.

The trainers will look like they’ve been worn for years and recently bought at a car boot sale, despite costing the same a small second-hand car.

A spokesperson for Gucci said, “People are idiots, and some of them have a lot of money – money that we would like to get our hands on. And we’ve discovered this is a good way to do that.”

When questioned if it could ever be morally defensible to exploit these idiots, the spokesperson defended the practice.

They went on, “Is it really so wrong to target rich simpletons? In the wide spectrum of possible sins that man can commit, surely convincing wealthy morons to pay good money for ridiculous things sits somewhere between jaywalking and not putting the toilet seat down?

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“It’s not like we are out there running guns or people smuggling. It’s just a bit of light exploitation of rich idiots.

“I can understand why you would think these people are being unfairly exploited, but if it’s any consolation, if you were to meet any of them you’d fucking hate them.”