Cat with expensive new bed still decides to sleep in its litter tray

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A cat with over a dozen options of where to sleep – including a settee, a cushion and an expensive new cat-bed – has decided to take a nap in its own litter tray, according to reports.

The cat, which also prefers a table leg to the new scratching post and the curtains to a climbing pole, wandered through into the kitchen and curled up in a pile of freshly poured litter despite the newly-bought bed being right there.

Right there, damn it.

Owners of the cat, who forked out quite a bit of money for the new bed and foolishly believed the advert which suggested their pet would never want to sleep anywhere else, are understood to be gazing at the animal in bemused despair.

“That bed cost me the fat end of a hundred notes and I may as well have thrown it out of the window,” we were told.

“That cat is an ungrateful fat git.”

When asked, the cat told us that yes, it is an ungrateful fat git  – but what did you expect? It’s a cat.

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