Vladimir Putin announced as new Facebook news regulator

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Vladimir Putin has been revealed as the newly appointed news regulator for tech giant Facebook.

A government-backed report suggested tech giants required a ‘fake news regulator’ and, within seconds, millions of stories were shared on Facebook announcing Mr Putin as the man who had been given the job.

Kremlin spokesman, Cymon Williamski, said, “President Putin is as worried by the proliferation of fake news as next dictator, so is rubbing hands like Bond villain in preparation for get going.

“He himself, will help users identify fake news and nudge people towards reading news of highest quality. Like Pravda and Fox News, which is news, I think, exclusively about foxes.

“He will oversee news across the world, as is his great ambition, to stop fake news like BBC, New York Times and Viz spreading democracy and union across world.

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“In future, all news on Facebook and Google will be true, and will probably be in Cyrillic alphabet denouncing capitalism.

“Also, Mr Putin insist that he take all your personal data and finances and help you make Russia world-leader in autocracy, as should be everyone’s ambition.”