Man in the dog house for not remembering where his wife left her keys

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A woman who can’t remember where she left her keys is convinced this is now her husband’s fault, according to reports this afternoon.

Jane Wiliams, 32, claims to have put the keys away somewhere for safety “so that burglars won’t find them”, and that her ‘dimwitted’ husband can no longer remember where that was.

She told us, “I was very clear in telling him where I was putting the keys, very clear, and I did that so he could remember the location and tell me when I needed to remember where they were.

“Yet here he is, failing at that one simple task. I have to do everything around this house. I ask him one little thing – remember where I hid my keys – and he can’t even manage that. I might as well be living on my own.

“My mother warned me about him, but I wouldn’t listen. She said he couldn’t be trusted – well he’s proving her right. I simply can not trust him with the secret location where I put my keys. And without that sort of trust, what sort of relationship do we really have?

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“He cares so little for me and our relationship that he can’t even remember a tiny piece of information that I gave him. He’s probably having an affair, isn’t he?”

Simon, her husband, told us, “For the record, she never told me where her keys are hidden.

“She does this every few months, but if I apologise enough she’ll get over it. She always does.”